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Cahaba Cats is proud to have a formal

Snow Savannah program!


We simply love the coloration of the white African Serval which has similar color genetics to white Tigers found in the wild and in captivity. Although we have not seen accounts of white Servals in the wild, there are any number of them in pet homes and sanctuaries to demonstrate the color we are emulating in our Snow Savannah kittens.

Currently the term "snow" is a designer term, and the cats are registered as color point with TICA. Snow is not yet a color recognized within the Savannh Breed Standard, but we hope that it will become permissible some time in the future, and when that day comes, CahabaCats will have some excellent examples of SBT Snow Savannahs to take to the show halls. Until then, they are simply stunning and exotic looking pets for anyone wanting the rare and unusual.


Snow or white Savannah kittens are born nearly pure white and their spots develop as they mature. We offer just a few of our beloved Snow kittens available each year, so if you are interested, please contact us to be added to our waiting list.

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Snow Savannah Cats





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