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The International Cat Association is the primary registry for Savannahs
Savannah Cat Club is a group dedicated to the Savannah Breed through shows, education and provides a number of resources to pet owners and breeders alike. Membership is required.
SVCAT.COM is a central listing of breeders by state to help you locate a breeder near you or to browse breeder websites.
Cornell The Cornell University is one of a precious few schools dedicated to feline research and education. They provide numerous resources for the pet owner and breeders alike.
UC Davis UC Davis is another fantastic educational institue of Veterinary Medicine. They provide specialized services such as DNA and various genetics testing (including color testing) to the public.

Yahoo! has a number of Savannah e-mail lists that you can join. You need a Yahoo! ID first which is easy to sign up for. Once you have your ID, you can join groups by clicking the link and subscribing to the lists that look interesting to you..



Hyendry Comfurt Pet Products offers natural sheep & llama skin cat toys, heavy

duty hammocks, crate pads and our cats love the medium beds too.

Prices are super competative compared to others and we highly recommend them!

Flea & Worming Supplies

Give them 2 weeks to deliver, but prices are worth the wait!

Bottle Feeding Supplies

Yes, this is a squirrel supply site, but they sell the best nipples for newborn kittens!

Use the 4-Paw model.

Online Food Source
General & Health
Show Shelters




Shuttle Pets did a great job bringing three cats from Michigan to Tennessee for us.

We are happy to recommend their services.




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